Found Dog Near American Ranches - Help Reunite! - photo

Found Dog Near American Ranches - Help Reunite!

Williamson, Arizona

Found 30 lbs mixed breed dog on Granite Mountain trail loop, approx. 1 mile east of American Ranches. Had a collar and a harness. Very healthy and friendly. Followed me home for about 30 minutes, did not appear to know the area. I called out but no one responded on the trail. I turned the dog into the Yavapai County Animal Control, Reference # 24-012237. I have posted on "Nextdoor" with 750 views. Posted on Facebook (Lost animals in Northern Arizona). I will not stop until I find the owner or someone who will adopt.


Williamson, Arizona
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Fri, 05.04.2024
Fri, 05.04.2024
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