Paid Services

To speed up your search, we offer you several additional options that you can choose from separately, or combine:

Share on Social Networks

Once you discover your pet has gone missing, the most important thing is to notify people in your local area who could or will be able to find your pet as soon as possible. Social networks help to cope with this really well. We place each listing in many groups (from 20 to 100 groups, depending on the town or city) in all major social networks. You can do similar work yourselves. In practice, it usually takes a lot of time and effort. Group admins are very familiar with our system, and are usually quite quick to post information. Your free listing is published in a limited number of groups (usually 5 to 7 groups). In the paid version, the listing will be published in all available groups in the city. Usually, it takes about 20 to 100 groups in various social networks.

Notify Residents in your Area

Imagine if we posted a missing pet listing to ALL active social media users in your area. Only this listing, unlike paper ads, will not be destroyed by car wipers, washed away by rain, or sealed off by any competitors. We will set up advertising that will show your listing to social media network users who live near where your pet disappeared. Listings with this option receive more than 1000 views and 10 reposts or shares. This is one of the most effective ways to notify local residents. This is a great way to quickly notify the residents of your local area of the disappearance of your pet, especially if there is a possibility that the pet has been found! Please note that for the correct publication, it is necessary to specify the address of the exact location where your pet was last seen as accurately as possible in the listing.

Notify Volunteers

We will send a notification about the disappearance of a lost pet to volunteers in your area who have registered in our system. Volunteers who are the most active, interested, and productive who aim to voluntarily help animals and their owners. Your listing will be sent out to all of the volunteers who have registered at the location where your pet was last seen, and they will provide you with voluntary assistance as much as possible. Some volunteers may take an active role in the search themselves, for example by organizing search groups or posting traditional poster ads. Others will simply look carefully at the animals they come across on the way. 

Volunteers are always interested in helping animals and their owners. According to our statistics, volunteers are one of the most effective options in our search.

Notify Veterinary Clinics and Shelters

We will send a notification about your missing pet to all official veterinary clinics and shelters in your area, and they will be aware that this pet is considered missing. Your listing will be sent out to all official veterinary clinics and shelters in the area where your pet was last seen, and they will help to find the pet or owner. As a rule, if a pet has been found on the street then it should be taken to the nearest veterinary clinic or shelter. 

If your pet has been stolen, sooner or later they will also contact the veterinary clinic with planned procedures for your pet. In turn, the vet clinic will already be notified that your pet has been considered missing.

Notify of Similar Missing Pets

If you do not have the opportunity to view every listing in the database, this option will send you an email with similar lost and found pets in your local area.

This will speed up the process of finding a pet or owner several times! The email will be sent out every 3 days and will include listings with similar missing or found pets in your area.

Premium Listings hosts many listings each day. Your listing can get lost among several and it may not catch the eye of the right people the first time around. Activating the “Premium Listings” option locks your listing at the top of the list for 7 days for all searches within 100 km of the disappearance of your pet. This is especially useful when there are suspicions that your pet could have been picked up by the roadside and taken far away from the place where they were last seen.