The Origin Story of Pet911: How We Help Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

The Origin Story of Pet911: How We Help Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

How It All Started

The idea for Pet911 came to us unexpectedly. One day, we found a lost dog on the street and were faced with a dilemma: how do we find its owners? After several unsuccessful attempts to find a home for her, we realized that the issue of lost pets is a widespread problem. That's how the concept of creating a platform to connect lost pets with their owners was born. We ended up keeping the dog ourselves and got down to work.

Who We Are

We're not just a group of professionals from various fields; we are a team of genuine enthusiasts and animal lovers. What unites us is the desire to improve the world around us, starting with the lives of our four-legged friends. Our mission is to create conditions where a lost pet can always find its way back home.

Each one of us has contributed to this project because we understand how important it is to have a faithful friend by your side. And each one of us wants to do everything possible to help you and your pets stay together.

What We Do

  • Create and maintain a database of lost and found pets.
  • Offer tools for effective search: notifying as many people as possible in the area where the pet went missing, sending instant alerts to volunteers, and notifying clinics and shelters.
  • Foster an active community of volunteers and animal lovers in different cities, ready to assist in the search.
  • Provide tips and recommendations for finding lost pets based on real-life cases and our own experience.

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals united by a common goal: to make the process of finding lost pets as efficient and painless as possible for everyone involved. We constantly update and improve the functionality of our website, analyze user feedback, and implement new technologies.

Why You Should Trust Us

  • Experience: We have 5 years of successful operation and thousands of happy stories about pets being returned home.
  • Technology: We use the most advanced methods and tools for finding lost pets.
  • Community: Our system is registered with volunteers and organizations from different cities, ready to assist in finding your pet.

Contact Us

We are always open to new ideas, feedback, and any form of collaboration. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us through the form on our website or via social media.

Thank you for choosing Pet911. Together, we'll make the world a slightly better place for our four-legged friends!