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Lost Tabby Winnie - Clipped Ear & Sweet! - photo

Lost Tabby Winnie - Clipped Ear & Sweet!

Prospect Road, 52, Centerport

Orange female tabby with a left clipped ear and one missing canine. She’s very skirmish. Our cleaning ladies had watched her run out of the house and didn’t mention it to us until we asked them hours after they left when we still couldn’t find her. She was a trap and release whom we adopted from a local rescue. Her name is winnie

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Prospect Road, 52, Centerport
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Wed, 10.04.2024
Wed, 10.04.2024

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Shared🙏🙏🙏....Immediately file a missing animal report to (Domestic_pet_locater) on Instagram. They specializes in animal tracking and helped me find mine in less than two days after I texted them. Give them a try hopefully, they can assist you in getting your pet back as soon as possible. See full comment
11 April 2024
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11 April 2024

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