Lost Pom-Chi Near Vantreight Park - Help! - photo

Lost Pom-Chi Near Vantreight Park - Help!

Vantreight Drive, 4607, Saanich

A male dog lost about an hour and a half ago around Vantreight Park, Victoria, BC. The breed is a mix of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. The size is small. White fur around chest, belly, and face area and brown everywhere else. He is easily startled and not aware of his surroundings(sound and eyesight) when the owner is not around. When we were fixing his stuck leash while taking a walk, a big dog barked at him and he got scared, and ran off into someone's yard. He was lost in a residential area near a park.

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Vantreight Drive, 4607, Saanich
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Sun, 07.04.2024
Sun, 07.04.2024

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