Help Find SkyeWalker: Lost Sheltie in DAC, NM - photo

Help Find SkyeWalker: Lost Sheltie in DAC, NM

Ladera Canyon Road, New Mexico

Dona Ana County (DAC), NM, Update as of April 14, 2024. My almost 2-yr-old (DOB: Dec. 22, 2022, Christmas babies), male, sable Sheltie, SkyeWalker, went missing on November 20, 2022, from DAC. He was found by an older couple in their 60’s/possibly 70’s and kept in early December 2022. The couple was first spotted walking SkyeWalker in a Las Cruces, NM, city park, about 15 miles from where he went missing. The couple told people they’d found him on a road and decided to keep him because he was cute. The male was described as tall/lean with all light/white hair and the female (a different siting, a month later on a Dona Ana County hiking trailhead) is believed to have long gray hair; both were well-dressed and possibly driving an older red car (another sighting in a village park in the northern part of DAC), such as a Subaru or similar car. We (thousands of people) have been searching this and other nearby counties (and beyond) for well over a year. I’ve posted on over 300 FB Groups, Craigslist, Nextdoor, PawBoost, Purina Petfinder, Petco Love, Fido Finder, Lost My Doggie, AKC Reunite, Pet FBI, 24 PetConnect, dozens more, and HomeAgain (yes, SkyeWalker is microchipped but it hasn’t been read/reported). The sightings stopped about May/early June of 2023, which indicated to us the couple left this area and probably returned "home" for the summer. My strategy for finding the couple and SkyeWalker changed last summer (I stopped posting signs, handing out flyers locally, attending events the couple was spotted, etc.), when I realized he’s no longer here. I then started finding and sending emails to every shelter, rescue, sanctuary, etc. in the NM, AZ, CO, and TX, and then places where people over 55 visit during the winter, primarily in Texas and Arizona. Now, that’s its almost time for this couple to return “home”, assuming they’re “winter travelers”, I’m changing strategies again. Focusing on shelters, rescues, sanctuaries, etc. was probably a waste of energy, since SkyeWalker is with the people who found and kept him. Anyone with a Sheltie knows they require grooming, and as with any animal, a veterinarian and pet food/treats/etc. I’ve tried locating all the veterinarians email addresses in several states, but so far, the states responding don’t collect email addresses, and I don’t have the time or resources to write every veterinarian in every state. Please, I need your help sharing SkyeWalker’s photo (even though he’s now two years older than this picture and probably has a lot more hair, but still about 17” tall, weighing about 35 lbs.) and information with your veterinarians, groomers, pet supply businesses, etc. and bikers, hikers, etc. in your local area. An older couple, but I’m older at 74, have my boy, and he’s missing us (so the communicators/readers/psychics tell me) and we’re missing him…a lot…and I won’t stop searching! When he gets home, he’ll find that his mama, Skye, died unexpectedly in December, but he now has a younger brother (OK rescue) and an older sister (TX rescue). (You can’t search thousands of databases of found/lost/rescue/foster animals and not get stuck on a picture or two of a kid who needs a home… So far, just two, because SkyeWalker will make four, he has a Jack Russell cousin, and I only have two hands and two feet…but five has worked?) Thank you for sharing!!! Please help me bring SkyeWalker back home!


Ladera Canyon Road, New Mexico
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SkyeWalker is a Shetland Sheepdog, not a Jack Russell or mix
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