Help Find Bruno: Lost Dog in Pittsburgh! - photo

Help Find Bruno: Lost Dog in Pittsburgh!

East 10th Street, 160, Pittsburg

He's name is Bruno they gave it to me cuz he was leaving the street he was barely leaving with me for about 3 weeks but we had bonded and the only problem was that he kept running out and the second time he runs out he he was in a car already with this man his neighbor from my actually that's a friend of my neighbors and he was in the car already the dog and cuz he thought it was a stray dog that there was nobody's cuz he didn't have a collar but not but I went out and look for him and he asked me that he wanted to to have them too so he could make with this female dog to her babies and the dog didn't want to come back with me and I was so frustrated that he just didn't want to come with me so I thought okay wish it was the wrong decision that I made and then two days past and my high my conscious I get feeling so so sad I just think about the dog so I wouldn't ask my neighbor what happened to the to the dog if I could get it back because I don't know if I did the right thing to give it to that to his friend so the lady told me that the dog ran away from my from there from his friend and that's all they told me so the only thing they told me that he ran out by Pittsburgh and Amia so that's why I've been looking for him. Is that person that I gave him to found it I just want to know if you got him back if he's okay if somebody else got him and he's doing okay with the family that gives him the care he needs I'm fine I just I just want to know he's fine but if not I want to get him back to work you don't care he needs and the love


East 10th Street, 160, Pittsburg
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Sat, 16.03.2024
Thu, 07.03.2024
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Eva oviedo

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I suggest you reach out to [email protected] through email they're specialised in animal tracking, they are highly recommended as they helped me with recovery of mine when stolen.I Still thank them everyday. See full comment
17 March 2024
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17 March 2024

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