Lost Poodle Found Near Pepper Creek Trail! - photo

Lost Poodle Found Near Pepper Creek Trail!

Pepper Creek Trail, Temple

Found running loose at Pepper Creek Trail, behind BSW hospital complex on Kegley Rd in Temple, Friday March 29, 2024. Young male poodle, black and white, scared but friendly when finally caught. No collar, no tags, no microchip. Has a grooming puppy cut that’s growing out. Not reported missing at any vets or groomers nearby but holiday weekend and some were closed. Not feral, just lost; clearly a house dog. Safe and inside at home with us but help us find his family. Finder phone number (210) 262-2106, in Temple


Pepper Creek Trail, Temple
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Sat, 30.03.2024
Fri, 29.03.2024
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Tracy Spoor

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